To all ASA Members:

As a member of the ASA San Antonio Government Advocacy Committee, I am re-evaluating processes that have been in place relating to the development of governmental policies and our relevancy within this process. We, as members, have been lucky enough to reap the benefits of many years of hard work by others in areas of lien reform and indemnification; however, despite these victories there is much work left to be done. I have identified these areas as the following:

* Maintaining past victories against a multitude of powerful entities

* Continuing to maintain and strengthen our unified voice in areas that affect our industry

* Ensure that our voice is one of reason and practicality in the establishment and implementation of policy for all in the industry

* Educate and inform our elected officials that we are a true resource for a "real world" comprehension of policy actualities


If you share this belief, then I welcome you join our committee to assist in making ASA San Antonio, in conjunction with TCA, a political voice that will be heard both in and out of session.

It is my plan to start now and not wait for the word to come down but rather be proactive in making sure that we are the voice that needs to heard in the making of policy at all levels of our government.

If you can't devote time to the committee, I wish to request that you as an individual and an organization commit to the following:

* Get to know those who represent you in both your residence and business. Make sure that you are known to them as their constituency and what you stand for.

* Assist us in fundraising efforts so that we can compete in the political arena. The unfortunate byproduct of our political system is indeed money and we need to ensure that we are prepared to play the game as it is played.

* Last and more importantly, we must stay vigilant and committed to why we as members of ASA San Antonio are joined together. Fellowship provides a common thread but purpose is what drives us to succeed and with your help we will do just that.


If you feel that you wish to be a part of this endeavor, please contact Elaine Garcia at the ASA office (contact information below) to notify her of your desire to become a member of the Government Advocacy Committee for ASA San Antonio.

“We in America do not have a government by the majority . We have a government by a majority who participate”
Thomas Jefferson


Thomas Freund



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