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Is ASA- San Antonio Right for Me? ASA membership is for any person, firm or corpration that in the normal course of business furnishes subcontractor labor, construction materials, or provides a service to such subcontractors or material suppliers. Architects, engineers, construction managers and construction owners are not eligible for membership in ASA. Suppliers and service providers such as material suppliers, accountants, and attorneys join ASA to build closers relationship with their customers.


What are the Benefits of ASA Membership? The primary benefits are government advocacy, strength in numbers on industry issues, education and knowledge, informative meetings, worker's compensation program through TCA, and online networking with


Do I receive local and national benefits? Yes. Your membership dues inclue both local, state, and national benefits, including local advocacy, monthly educational programs, and networking opportunities. State benefits include representation by the Texas Construction Association and opportunities to take advantage of their Worker's Compenstation programs. National benefits include federal advocacy and the weekly national news bulletin ASA Today.


Click here to speak to someone about how you can make a positive impact for our businesses and our community. Make a difference for subcontractors' rights across the nation and join ASA today!


Some subs believe that membership in their specific trade organization is enough, but most of these trade organizations agree, there are some real positive benefits in an organzation that crosses industry lines. ASA of San Antonio is the only subcontractor advocacy group fighting for rights across multiple construction trades.


By joining ASA of San Antonio, you join an advocacy group of some of the largest and most experienced subcontractos in the City. Oftentimes, subcontracts have no one to rely on and the problems are only compounded if you are small business owner. There are strengths in numbers and we find those numbers when it counts.