A new year is quickly approaching, and it's time to elect the newest members to the Board of Directors.  Please take a few minutes to review the candidates below.  There are two positions available, and in accordance with our bylaws, at least one must be filled by a Subcontractor/Supplier member.


Each member company will have one vote.  Voting ballots will be sent to the person listed as the "primary" on your account. (Please contact the ASA Office to find out who your Primary Contact is)  Voting ballots will be emailed May 15th and voting will close 5pm on May 22nd.  Results will be announced no later than June 1st. 


ASA Membership: Vendor                                

Number of Years in Construction: 8

“I want to give back to the association and the San Antonio Construction Community.  IBTX has been a member of ASA that spans multiple decades, and I would like to donate my time in supporting the association in a greater capacity.”


ASA Membership: Vendor                                 

Number of Years in Construction: 19

“I would like to assist with the education and development of ASA members.  We can provide seminars and content for all members.  In this time of crisis I want to be available to help with questions and concerns.”

DONNA HARRIS - Concrete Renovation, VP-Accounting Department

ASA Membership: Subcontractor/Supplier       

Number of Years in Construction: 30

“I love being involved in ASA. I love what ASA does for our industry and I want to help support the industry.”

HEATHER MARTIN - RSM US LLP, Assurance Senior Manager

ASA Membership: Vendor                                   

Number of Years in Construction: 10

“I have worked with clients in the construction industry for a decade and am dedicated to the success of the industry.  I believe education through both instruction and peer guidance are essential parts of continuous improvement of the industry.  ASA enables members of the construction industry to not only learn, but be protected, especially in the COVID-19 environment we are in.  I work at RSM, a company who has been a dedicated supporter of ASA for many years, and I want to be able to continue to support the ASA through a board position and help be a part of what ensures the industry maintains its strength.”

MICHAEL McGINNIS - Allen & Allen Company, Controller

ASA Membership: Subcontractor/Supplier       

Number of Years in Construction: 15

“This is an organization I have watched from afar.  The amazing members and current Board of Directors is something I want to align myself with.”

JAY MOLINA - NAPCO Precasst, Director of EHS

ASA Membership: Subcontractor/Supplier         

Number of Years in Construction: 7

“During the past seven years I've been fortunate to have learned numerous best management practices that have helped position my team, my department and my company for greater success. I also believe in leveraging the expertise of those around me to help others become successful. As a Director, I focus on people oriented skills and knowledge to make individuals successful in their career progression.  I wish to serve on this board so I can continue to help cross functional teams successful, businesses profitable and employees safer.”

WAYNE ROBINSON - NAPCO Precast, Project Manager

ASA Membership: Subcontractor/Supplier           

Number of Years in Construction:16

“I would like to get more involved in organizations I participate in. I feel there is a unique difference between diversity and inclusion and both should be welcomed to get a broader perspective on views, concerns and solutions to issues confronting industries. If one feels the need to complain, then I feel that make one a continued part of the problem or work to be a part of the solution.”

ALAN SISK - Trimble-Batjer Insurance Associates, Senior Advisor

ASA Membership: Vendor                                     

Number of Years in Construction: 8

“Prior to joining Trimble-Batjer, I was a partner with an insurance and surety agency in Nashville, TN.  While there I was fortunate to serve on several boards and be an insurance and surety advisor/SME for several associations, particularly those that were involved in the construction arena.  Traditionally, the insurance and surety industry has been relatively “cut and dry” but I feel that I bring a unique philosophy with my approach.  I’d like to bring these same unique philosophies to ASA by way of board involvement and help in areas where it makes the most sense.”