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Member Testimonials


Members speak out on the impact ASA has on their businesses and practices.

“I love ASA because we all have a common goal of being successful in this difficult construction industry and everyone within this organization helps each other achieve that goal.  It is truly a family type atmosphere!”

 — Adam Matthys, Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing

Company member since 2009

“I love ASA because of the connections I make with other subcontractors and the dialogue we have about the industry. ”

 — John Leifester, Owner, Dedicated Landscape Solutions

Company member since 2008

“Working with construction leaders, who have the same goal of increasing the strength of the construction industry in South Central Texas, all this by doing it the right way and having fun while doing it.”

 — Mike McGinnis, Controller, Allen & Allen Company

Company member since 2012

“To me ASA San Antonio is more than an association, it's a family, a family of like-minded companies and individuals working together to better San Antonio and the construction industry. I am honored and proud to represent ASA – San Antonio!”

 — Dustin Michalak, Owner, Michalak PC

Company member since 2019

“I love ASA because we do a lot of great things and help a lot of people and have fun doing it.”

 — Greg Kanning, Owner, Dumas Hardware

Company member since 1996

“The people in this organization are great!  It doesn’t get better than this!  They welcome you into the group with open arms; they want you to be successful, and they support & help each other.  ASA Members take pride in what they do.  They are fair & honest.  I am not a native San Antonian, but with this group, I feel like I am.”

 — Jon Marek, Project Manager, MAREK Brothers

Company member since 1996

“I love ASA for a few reasons.  The idea of bringing together subcontractors from all different disciplines along with the firms that support them creates an environment less of competition and more of cooperation.  We all deal with the same issues regardless of our specialty and ASA allows for conversations and education that bring about improvement for all members.  The national arm of ASA leads the construction industry from the legislative perspective monitoring legislation across the country and stepping into legal fights that could damage the subcontracting industry.  The local and national focus of ASA provides a complete support system for subcontractors across the country.  These are but a few of the reasons I love ASA.”

 — Paul Brennan, NAPCO Precast

Company member since 2016

"I love Jennifer!  Her support and keeping us informed is critical.  We are looking forward to collaborating more with ASA in the near future."

 — Cecilia Castellano, Owner, AZTECA Design & Construction

Company member since 2019

"ASA has the best community. I have met such amazing people. ASA does such a great job helping the construction community in so many ways. All the events are amazing and the support we get from our Leadership is so appreciated."

 — Jessica Quintanar, CEO/HSE Manager, Q Safety Consultants

Company member since 2019

"I think ASA does an outstanding job at bringing General Contractors and Subcontractors/Suppliers together.  It provides subcontractors/suppliers with a great support system while offering education and networking opportunities."

 — Terri Pasley, San Antonio Office Manager, Sundt (ASA Annual Partner)

Annual Partner since 2019

"I love partnering with ASA as a General Contractor because it allows our team to interact with Subcontractors and vendors away from bid day, and on a more personal basis.  When we get to know each other and understand each other's teams, I feel that this sets up a better working relationship."

— Liz Caraway, Director of Operations, Middleman Construction Company LLC (ASA Annual Partner)

Annual Partner since 2019

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