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At the American Subcontractors Association-San Antonio Chapter, we are committed to building a better future together! Whether you’re looking for quality networking opportunities within a specific construction trade, interested in continuing your education in the construction field, focused on investing in building an awareness in the trades & promoting construction as a viable career, or you want to stay informed about legislative issues — we are THE association with something for everyone!


When you become a member of ASA, you become a part of our team. We’re committed to our members, and we’re dedicated to providing them with the tools and partnerships they need to be successful and stand out.


Our focus is on quality, safety and ethics in construction. Our goal is to make the construction industry better, and it starts with our members.


Benefits of Becoming a Member

  • Networking opportunities with general contractors

  • Access to the latest industry news

  • Continuing education

  • Advocacy for legislative reform

  • Regular industry events

  • Industry discounts including the ASAdvantage Program

  • Membership with the local chapter, ASA National and Texas Construction Association

  • Marketing and sponsorship opportunities

  • More benefits here


Who Can Join?

  • Subcontractors – Any person, partnership or corporation or other entity engaged in construction and who furnishes labor, or labor and materials used in the construction of projects, pursuant to contracts with persons or entities other than project owners. The term “labor” shall include shop labor for the manufacture or fabrication of specific materials to be installed in a particular construction project; or labor on a jobsite that is managed by the subcontractor.


  • Associates – Any person, partnership or corporation or other entity engaged in construction who does not fit the definition of a Subcontractor as listed above. Architects, engineering, general contracting, construction owners, and construction management are not eligible for membership.



How Do I Join?

Fill out and return the Member Application Form via email or mail. Payment is due with the application.

ASA membership year runs July 1 to June 30. Contact the ASA office for prorated dues amounts when joining mid-year.

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